Nuby Comfort Manual Silicone Breast Pump


  • Nuby Comfort silicone breast pump can be used to express and collect milk hands-free! Collect milk while breastfeeding child or using another pump on opposite breast. Apply pump and center on nipple. Milk flows naturally with suction.
  • No pumping necessary. Squeeze cup to release. Store breast milk in Nuby Bottle.
  • Nuby All silicone breast pump is small, lightweight, portable & convenient. Its natural suction ability allows it to be used while breastfeeding to collect milk or for PUMPING.
  • 100% silicone that’s extra soft against the skin for maximum comfort
  • – The soft, natural cup shape allows for quick and easy expression.
  • Made with soft silicone.
  • Suction cup base and sealing plug prevents unwanted spills and messes.
  • Bpa Free/ 4 oz/ 120 ml

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